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31 May 2017 As an aspiring manager or senior executive, your resume's audience will be different from that of entry and junior-level employees. Other managers, directors, executive recruiters, doubles as an organized list of achievements. A hybrid resume format is often the best one to use for an executive resume.
Create an Executive Summary. Ding dong, the resume objective is dead, especially if you're an executive. Show Financial and Business Impact, Fast. Include a Core Proficiencies Section (That Screams “Executive”) Choose Highlights That Align With Your Target Role.
A well designed and executed executive resume will tell a very clear explicit story, but will also send very compelling implicit messages. Every resume is a one-of-a-kind communication mechanism with both explicit and implicit messages. It should be appropriate to your situation and the story you want to tell. Identify what
21 Dec 2010 Before you send your resume out, check it against this list – once you've jumped over these potholes, you'll be ahead of the pack in this competitive job market. 1. Resume format. Steve Burdan, a CPRW who works with Ladders, said his clients often slip up by using a pure chronological or pure functional
5 Jan 2017 While the job market is expected to keep booming in 2017, competition will be stiff. Follow these tips to make your resume stand out.

16 Sep 2016 Crafting an engaging but not overly long executive resume is tough at the $250K+ level. Here's how to get it right.
12 Apr 2017 Writing your executive resume. Forget the Objective Statement. Employers don't care that you want a “growth position that will utilize my expertise in XYZ”. Real Estate and Strategic Positioning. Readability. Typos and Grammar. Formatting. Blah Resume-speak. Passive Verbs and Repetitive Job Descriptions.
6 May 2015 What do recruiters want to see no an executive level resume? Here are some tips for writing an effective resume at management level.
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