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If you want to wash with cold water, turn the. knob until the cold symbol. with the indicator. Spin speed selector dial. Whith this dial, you can choose the spin. speed. To do this turn dial until the speed. printed on the dial coincides with the prin-. ted sign on the machine. Stop/start button. Once you have selected programme
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20 Apr 2012
Installation. 6. Overflow guard function. 6. Transport/Winter storage. 6. Disposal. 7. Child safety. 7. Keep an eye on children! 8. Parts of the washing machine. 9. Detergent compartment. 10. Advice and tips before washing. 10. Sorting your laundry. 10. Clothing. 10. Laundry labels. 10. Laundry label symbols. 12. Colored
18 Oct 2012
13 Jun 2012 Never thought about this when we bought our new machine yesterday but we thought we would give it a rinse before using it. The machine hasn?t stopped.