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20 Sep 2015 Looking at one of these. Miles ZX40 ST, Plug-In Electric Truck . Any thoughts or info? It's a couple hundred miles away. 72v new agms. 10 hp ac motor. I have the complete owners and service manuals in electronic format. It uses a Curtis Controller, Delta Q Charger, Fall River batteries, etc. The majority of
21 May 2015 I notice that the two other post on the Miles aren't very active being several years old. The info contributed in them has, however, be very helpful. However, I will start-a-new here with my own purchase and discovery background. I found this one on Public Surplus Auction here in WA (where I have purchase
1 Mar 2009 I have the batteries out for the winter, so it should be easy to find. As for rpms, mine tops out at 2500 when I'm at top speed. Here is the specs from Miles on the OR70 (2007): and the zx40 (2007):
18 Mar 2010 Brand New (only 100 miles!) MILES Electric Car available for sale by owner. This 100% electric vehicle was won in a fundraiser drawing and we don't need the extra vehicle. It is a MILES ZX40S (2007) with a sticker pri
Most of us usually drive less than 20 miles a day by ourselves. The BugE can do that simply and affordably. The BugE can be assembled by its owner, by individual home-based businesses or non-profit organizations to Read this Owners Manual before using this vehicle. The following information is intended only as a
The Miles ZX40 ST Pickup is a NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) featuring a 72 volt drive system operating a three phase induction AV motor/generator which drives the vehicle through a conventional transmission. • Since the ZX40 ST is based on a conventional gasoline powered vehicle, the three/phase induction.
Base Vehicle: 2008 Miles ZX40S-AD This vehicle complies with mandatory requirements of NEV America Vehicle Technical Specification, Revision 3 as follows. (1). Vehicles shall comply with . A manual service disconnect for vehicles using a HIGH VOLTAGE traction system shall also be required. It shall have the
MIles ZX40 Service Manuals. I have ZX40 Service Manuals available for the vehicles They are $45 each including shipping: Send a check to MILES EV 3100 Airport Rd. #A Santa Monic, CA 90405. hillsiderancher10. Aug 21, 2008. #20. 21
Miles Electric Vehicles was based in Los Angeles, California, with several facilities throughout the United States. It was privately held by "Green" magnate Miles Rubin. The company gained prominence in 2005 when it began sales of the ZX40, the first street-legal Chinese-made automobile sold in the United States.
24 Nov 2008 2007 Miles ZX40S EV Review. As we walk through the dealership, the Miles ZX40S instantly stands out from its competitors thanks to the fact that it actually looks like a car. This is no coincidence. While the Zap Xebras that .. There's a diaper service up here that sports two Xebras. The irony, oh, my head