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We're really passionate about the game, so we ask that posts in this subreddit be relevant to Helldivers - other content should go on /r/gaming or /r/games. Other than that . Demolisher also needs you to be standing when it's time to detonate the satchel, which can be problematic vs Warlords and IFVs.
17 Dec 2015 Yeah and stand further back then you think to get them up and into the hole on the nests Also the Remote distance is 4 grids away. I had one beaon Illiuminate that took 1 satchel charge, while the one beside I had to use 6the satchels bounce around so its hard to get em exactly where they needs to be.
One of our player-contributed Steam game guides (by Satire) attempts to explain demolisher satchel damage a bit: Using the REC-6 "Det Pack" Demolisher Effectively. Damage. Satchel charges do the most damage 1-2 seconds after
HELLDIVER Demolitionists are experts at tearing things down and blowing things up. They are rumored to be uncareful HELLDIVERS™ - Demolitionist Pack. This content requires the base game HELLDIVERS™ on Steam in order to play. . the charge by pressing the detonator. Often referred to as a Satchel Charge.
So after the Stratagem guide i made this for our fellow helldivers! We have 4 tiers: DEMOCRACY (Very Good),GOOD,MEH,BAD and i also High chance of team kill (Illuminates>Cyborgs>Bugs.DEMOCRACY). REC-6 Demolisher(Stratagem)(Demolishionist Pack): Remote detonated satchel charges!
Stratagem Priority, Scythe, Demolisher, Shield, Stasis, Strafing Run Like EAT rockets these things play really well into an ammo-free loadout
They did nerf the satchel charge (indirectly) with the no helldiver death star bonus. But people are . I think you are severely underrating the manual aim needed for good demolishing, and the risk required to make proper shots with demo (if you don't like to use 3 to kill something). The RR is pretty much a
I've recently started using the demolisher charges after someone recommended it to me. I really like it alot! But the problem I'm having atm
Don't pray and spray. First commandment of Helldivers, and any military unit that isn't in a movie. Your guns have either limited supply of ammo, or some other mechanism that doesn't allow for indefinitely sustained fire (overheat for laser weapons, charge up for arc weapons). Fire in short, controlled bursts
27 Oct 2017 The REC-6 Satchel Charge is an explosive charge with a handle, capable of being remotely detonated using the reload action at the time of the wielder's choosing. The explosion is powerful enough to take out objectives and most heavily armored enemies. The REC-6 is part of the Demolitionist equipment