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4.1.1 Arc Lightning. 4.1.2 Lightning Bolt. 4.1.3 Static Field. 4.1.4 Thundergod's Wrath. 4.1.5 Nimbus.
For this rare cases where enemies have 2 such heroes I use a max movement speed build, one item will not help much, so consider
I would be remiss if I didn't share my personal item build on the hero, and its results. Since I first wrote this
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Nov 14, 2017 Static Field is a potent passive ability that allows Zeus's magical damage to scale into 1 Bio; 2 Abilities; 3 Talents; 4 Recommended items; 5 Gameplay; 6 Audio; 7 History; 8 Equipment; 9 Trivia; 10 Gallery .. Guide icon.png
Dota 2 - Zeus Build Guide, The Best Guide for Zeus on the Earth 100 As an INT hero, you usually already have some supportive items here, like Schyte of
Now, alot of you will probably be wondering as to why there are so few medium-priced items in this guide. This is due to the fact
Oct 21, 2013
Arc Lightning. Hurls a bolt of lightning that leaps through nearby enemy units. Lightning Bolt. Calls down a bolt of lightning to strike an enemy unit, causing damage and a mini-stun. Static Field. Zeus shocks all nearby enemy units whenever he casts a spell, causing damage proportional to Thundergod's Wrath.
Oct 7, 2016