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I have a K5 with several manual lenses and I seem to be having problems with focusing. These lenses produce tack sharp photos when focused using the live view but are out of focus when using the viewfinder. I have many other AF lenses, which if focused manually through the viewfinder create clear
Problems With Autofocusing. iStock-667802156.jpg image. When discussing why you need to learn how to manually focus, it's necessary to understand why. There are a variety of issues that can arise when you try to use autofocus in certain situations. First, autofocus relies on contrast to help it define the subject matter.
31 Oct 2016 Yet manufacturers haven't overlooked the development of manual-focusing systems, with the feature gaining prominence across enthusiast and professional models. Manual focus can be used to circumvent the weaknesses of modern autofocus systems or issues when using even advanced systems in
15 Mar 2016 Have you ever cursed your camera for missing that special moment in the streets? Do you ever struggle to get the subject quickly in focus before the fleeting moment is lost forever in the aether? Well then why not try manual focus? My name is Lukasz Palka, and I'm a Tokyo photographer working for
21 Jun 2014 When using manual focus you have to adjust the plane of focus using the focus ring to acquire correct focus. You will have to choose this yourself and if I understand you correctly you have not done this. Of course there is a slight chance that the lens will already be set to focus at the depth you want but they
29 Mar 2016 Lloyd Chambers takes an in-depth look at the challenges in obtaining peak sharpness, concentrating on focus and using ZEISS DSLR manual focus lenses. With video clips as well as text and useful reference photos he will demystify why you may have problems focusing even with expensive lenses and
4 Jul 2017 Manual focus, then, helps you get sharp shots when AF can't correctly interpret what the lens is seeing. Another set of AF issues occurs when the camera focuses on the wrong thing. Shooting through a wire fence or a glass window, for example, can cause focusing problems in AF mode because the
I have a similar problem as Laszlo. As an out of control diabetic I have a problem with the clarity of my vision constantly changing. Some days manual focus is a breeze with great results, other days not so much. I'm new to photography and although this is probably a 'dummies' question I was wondering. Once I've decided
1 Feb 2017 A manually focused beauty shot from the vintage Helios 85 lens. Unfortunately, lighting is also the biggest problem. Everything I shoot is with flash, so although the final shot looks bright once the flash has fired, focusing in the dim light of a tungsten modeling bulb certainly isn't. So, first and foremost, turn as
20 Aug 2010 I've looked into back focus problems here and on the larger Web, and it's at the edge of what my brain can understand, but all the discussions seem to.