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This is the build that I use for almost all the time, it works perfectly You just need to walk with your teammates and spit poison at your enemies, put some weedlings and run, make some push and spit more acid on the enemies, basically you need to spit acid all the time, couse it will explode if an enemy is hit and will make a
Your main purpose with this build is to run around, spit poison, grow weedlings, and farm solar. Middle to late-game, you bite some droids, creeps, or nauts until you have 3 weedlings stored. Then run around putting them in hide areas and spitting on them to fertilize them. Along with the slow on the spit, anyone who is not
This build isn't meant to be a "destroy everything!" type of loadout. It's not overly agressive and it's not entirely defensive either. Gnaw is a figurative gold sink, and requires LOTS of Solar to be effective. If your team's Gnaw is the lowest level on your team, help him get solar; he needs it for upgrades!
16 Jan 2016
Gnaw, the ultimate harasser. This is the build that I use for almost all the time, it works perfectlyYou just need to walk with your teammates and spit Support Us. You can help in running and improving this project. If you have some spare coins to share, hit this button below. Any amounts donations are warmly welcomed.
Guide build. Acid Spit Overcharged Metabolism Feather Ball Split Spit. Grow Weedling Corrosive Spores Overgrowth Flex Neck. Bite Rotten Teeth Chattering Teeth Dental Braces. Skroggle Jump Power Pills Turbo Space Air Max Piggy Bank
5 Aug 2013
Do you want to win matches with only limited to no skill at all? Do you want to be half-way afk the whole match and still win? Then this build is for you! I've had a winning spree of over 21, and havn't lost for 5 days with this build. And that's playing with fully random teammates. I'm only rank 2000 though, so wether this guide
Gnaw tends to be one of the characters that many people do not use correctly, due to the fact that the game inclines players to camp in one area,
28 Jan 2013 of hours but i cant seem te become better..its quite frustrating and i mainly play with a friend who is very good at the game so yeah,jealousy abound,i just want to at least average my k/d and skills because this aint fun anymore :C anyone got tips,build guides or tactics for Gnaw i would like to hear those :D.