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Great products are nothing without great customer service. For detailed technical information about product applications, installation requirements, code requirements or roof and wall assemblies, call. 1-800-NATIONAL®. Talk directly to a technical expert with up-to-date knowledge of products, specifications, building codes
Cutting. To cut DUROCK Brand Cement Board, mark desired size on the board with a rule and pencil. Cutouts. To make cutouts for fixtures, outline area with utility knife, cut through the mesh on both sides, and punch out with a hammer from the back side. Attachment. Lamination. Fasteners. Attachment. Walls. Floors.
12 Sep 2017 Cement board will make your tiling work go faster and smoother. Find out how to make this easy project even easier.
provides the best bonding surface for cement based tile adhesive. HardieBacker® 6mm with EZ Grid® has a recessed fastening pattern to make installation even easier. HardieBacker® is the #1 cement board in the world. HardieBacker® should be used anywhere in your home where tile is applied; on floors, walls and
Fill joints with latex-fortified mortar or Type 1 organic adhesive and immediately embed alkali-resistant, fiberglass mesh joint tape. Place a 1/4" spacer strip or shim around lip of bathtub or shower pan to hold bottom edge of panel off the fixture. See SA932 for finishing recommendations to nontiled cement board.

If you're working over a wood subfloor, cement board is the right choice for your tile base. No matter what you're told at a home center, it's not a good idea to install tile directly over plywood, especially in a damp area like a bathroom. Because plywood expands and contracts beneath the ceramic tile, grout and tile failure
Install PermaBase with the printed side facing you. Tub/Shower Walls and Ceilings. In typical situations, use two 3' x 5' boards horizontally for the tub back- wall, and one 3' x 5' board vertically at each endwall and ceiling. Cut cement board to size, attach to wall studs or ceiling joists using rec- ommended nails or screws.
Cutting. To cut CGC Durock Cement. Board, measure the desired size on the board and mark on the front and back with a pencil. Score with a utility knife, cut through the glass- fiber mesh then snap the board to size. Smooth edges with wood rasp. Wear a dust mask and eye protection. Cutting with a circular saw equipped