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10 Nov 2014 The Code of Conduct for JPs in NSW establishes acceptable standards of conduct for JPs in NSW, and seeks to clarify the standards of behaviour for any JPs who may The Code of Conduct is also useful for members of the public who may be unsure of what to expect when seeking the services of a JP.
10 Nov 2014 To be eligible for appointment as a Justice of the Peace in NSW, you must: be at least The Attorney General has issued guidelines about the assessment of eligibility and character. These are contained in the Guidelines on the appointment of Justices of the Peace: assessing eligibility and good character.
1 Jul 2012 appointments of, persons who are Justices of the Peace (JP) in NSW. The aim of the Guidelines is to support consistent decision-making and ensure procedural fairness. The processes for handling complaints about JPs and reviewing certain JP appointments are necessary to maintain the integrity of the.
20 Jun 2017 Ordering a JP product · Certificate of Appointment · Printed copy of JP handbook · How to purchase a JP product · Our policies about JPs · Privacy policy for the administration of JP appointments · Finding a JP · Using JP services · Feedback about JPs · JPs & Australia Post · Identification requirements · NSW
13 Jan 2015 Becoming a JP. JPs play an essential part in the legal system and in the community in NSW. By volunteering to become a JP you will be providing a valuable and important service to your community or place of employment. Please read through the pages in the this section for information about becoming a
witness oaths or affidavits; take statutory declarations and affirmations; witness signatures; attest the execution of a document; certify a true copy of an original document. Most states include a search to find a JP near you and information on how to become a JP. Select your state or territory for specific information. ACT · NSW
25 Nov 2011 The aim of these Guidelines is to promote consistency and transparency in the assessment of applications for appointment or reappointment as a JP in NSW. The purpose of the Department's assessment process is to help maintain public confidence in the integrity of the office of JP and in JP services.
About this handbook. This handbook is a guide for Justices of the Peace (JPs) in New South Wales. (NSW). It constitutes the guidelines issued for the purpose of section 8 of the. Justices of the Peace Act 2002 (the Act). The handbook is written to help you, in your role as a JP, to understand the duties of a JP and to carry out
4 Mar 2017 It has been written to help you, in your role as a JP, to understand the functions of a JP and to perform those functions correctly. This handbook constitutes the guidelines issued by the Attorney General of NSW for the purpose of section 8 of the Justices of the Peace Act 2002.

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