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18 Nov 2010
The IntensaFire 3.0 rapid fire mod has been redesigned with a single LED interface to provide visual feedback of the rapid fire mode you are currently operating in, displayed around the Xbox 360 controller guide button. Changing modes on the IntensaFire 3.0 has also been simplified. Simply hold down the right trigger and
14 May 2010 What does it do? The PS3 INTENSAFIRE? enhances the newer PS3 Dual Shock 3 controllers* allowing them to transform to rapid fire controllers. The 8-mode sleeper settings, include rapid fire to the R1, R2 and "X" buttons. There are 8 total modes with 5 preset modes and 3 user customizable
PS3 IntensaFIRE 2525 Coy Christmas, President of BGRMods, LLC—home of the IntensaFIRE rapid-fire device for the Xbox 360 wireless controller—announced the debut date of the much-anticipated For the absolute clearest instructions on installation check out the online instructions and pictures. PS3
PS3 5 IN 1 INSTRUCTIONS. How To Use. First, sync the controller to your PS3. Do this by plugging in the charging cable and tapping the PS center button. You may unplug the charging cable after it's synced. Then, turn on the rapid fire by holding down the left D-pad for 5 seconds. (Do the same to turn the mode off.)
PS3 IntensaFire 2.0 Rapid Fire Controller Mod Features: 11 mode functionality including Jitter, Drop Shot, Sniper Double Tap, Fast Reload and BF3 Auto-Tagging Easy installation: Includes instructions for quick installation Customizable user-programmable mode Compatible with all PS3 games Compatible with all official
Intensafire 2.0 fur alle PS3 Dualshock 3 Controller. A great deal of time has gone into developing this product to ensure its quality and reliability. Inside the plush packaging is an ingeniously simple to install IntensaFIRE flexboard. As part of the IntensaFIRE owners experience you have access to simple diagram instructions
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Getting to know your controller. At first you may be wondering how on earth the IF2 works when there appears to be no extra buttons, holes, or anything out of the ordinary from the outside. The genius of the IntensaFIRE 2.0 is that it's totally stealth by design meaning only those who know how to use it will know it is there.
The PS3 INTENSAFIRE? however, is a complete user programmable rapid fire kit that you can install yourselfEASILY. There are controllers. Intensafire 2.0 fur alle PS3 Dualshock 3 Controller A great deal of time has gone into R1button, 10-mode sleeper and a customizable user programmer-mode. Type: Strategy Guides