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14 Jul 2011 [Atila* Systemic Extra Herbicide]. [Credit* 41 Non-Selective Herbicide]. [Credit* 41 Extra Non-Selective Herbicide]. [Nufarm Credit* Systemic Herbicide]. [Nufarm Credit* Systemic Extra Herbicide]. [AbUndit Extra Herbicide]. For use in certain cropping systems, including Roundup Ready Corn, Cotton,.
Always refer to the actual package for complete label verbiage. This product may not yet be available or approved for sale or use in your area. Manufactured for. Nufarm, Inc. 150 Harvester Drive. Burr Ridge, IL 60527. CREDIT® 41 Extra. Non-Selective Herbicide. For use in certain cropping systems, including Roundup.
Glyphosate 41 is the common term used for a 41-percent concentrated solution of glyphosate, a potent herbicide used to kill weeds and grasses. A properly diluted solution of glyphosate kills a wide range of weeds and grasses on contact.
23 Jan 2015 Mixing this product with herbicides or other materials not specified on this label may result in reduced performance. Annual Maximum Use Rate: Except as otherwise specified in a crop section of this label, the combined total of all treatments must not exceed. 8 quarts of this product per acre per year.
15 May 2015 Product Name: Credit 41 Extra Herbicide. EPA Reg. No.: 71368-20. Product Type: Herbicide. Company Name: Nufarm Americas Inc. 11901 S. Austin on the FIFRA label. Certain sections are superseded by federal law governed by EPA for a registered pesticide. Please see Section 15. Regulatory
CREDIT 41 EXTRA DNR 41% Generic Roundup Grass and Weed Killer 2x2.5 Gallon Case CREDIT 41 EXTRA DNR will be Labeled for Farm Ranch / Industrial Strength / For City / Counties / Parish / Government / State labeled USE / Landscapes / Golf Click here for CREDIT 41 EXTRA DNR Label and MSDS Sheet
11 Jan 2010 DIRECTIONS FOR USE. IT IS A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW TO USE THIS PRODUCT IN ANY MANNER INCONSISTENT WITH ITS LABELING. This label must be in the possession of the user at the time of application. Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either
10 Sep 2010 Samantha Volz. Gardeners, farmers and landscapers trust herbicides to protect their crops and flowers. Glyphosate is an effective weed killer. Fill your sprayer or mixer with your desired amount of water. Mix in 2 2/3 oz. of Glyphosate 41 for every gallon of water in the mixture.
Credit 41 Extra is a 4 lb/gallon systemic glyphosate IPA with a proprietary surfactant included for enhanced plant absorption. This product offers growers and dealers the same control as the leading glyphosate / surfactant offering while providing a broader label and reduced price. Credit 41 Extra is intended for use in row
instructions for washables exists, use detergent and hot water. Keep and wash Spray solutions of this product should be mixed, stored and applied using only stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic or Credit® 41 Extra Non-selective Herbicide plus Clash or Banvel or dicamba plus Nonionic Surfactant. Credit® 41