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PA Customization System PA Customization Guide Navigator Quick Rundown PA Customizations allows you to alter the behavior and power of your Photon Arts
Hello i recently came back to pso2 after a very long time ( when braver was just released i believe ) and i have been out of the game for such a
2 Jul 2012 so what i used to do is just set one weapon slot to have all 3 boxes of the same photon art, so i could use it no matter what "attack sequence step" i was on. I haven't had too much problems with the current system though, I have 2 weapon pallets dedicated to Sword. PSO2 Repeatable Quest Guide
30 Sep 2017 20, Za Oodan(63+), Sword photon art. Spinning attack that blows away enemies. Can be charged up to two levels. When the skill is used the duration your in depends on the charge. Also only uncharge can break for block. The other two need to be waited through. Weapon Gear Effect: Reduces charge time
20 Apr 2017
21 Apr 2015 PSO2 Gunner Guide Pt.4: Photon Arts and Strategy. Gunner hits hardest at close range because of various Zero Range bonuses. Zero Range bonuses obviously don't reach very far, but Gunners can pull a few tricks to get into Zero Range. Guns are still guns too, so shooting from afar is still an option.
13 Apr 2017
So, I normally play as Braver, and I've wondered what the "best" Photon Arts are for the Braver's Weapons. Here's what I generally
Learning Photon Arts. <– Back to Manual To learn a Photon Art, you will need a Photon Art Disc. You can either buy them from an NPC (who will only sell some lv1 discs), find them as drops in missions or buy them from player shops. To access Photon Art Discs in your inventory, press F2 and go to the 6th tab. Anything that's
29 Dec 2013