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4 Mar 2013
I received a brand new transmission replacement (6 speed manual) which shipped from Germany. . The exact same thing happened to my 2013 335i. I took it to the dealer after only 8 times of not being able to shift into second gear properly as it could cause even more problems to the transmission.
Well, in fact the 335i line IS shut down and the problem is being worked on. Obviously, BMW I may change to an 08 manual, as this is unacceptable. Also don't like . The rear light bulb also blew soon after taking delivery and it also suffers from a jerky transmission when comming to a stop. I sent it in on
Manual Transmission Problem E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013) hmm. on both my 07 335i and my 04 S60R when the tranny was cold, i would sometimes need to shift to another gear, either R or 2 to get it into 1st untill the transmission warmed up. the fix might be as simple as changing the gearbox oil. the
When I accelerate briskly and shift into 2nd gear at around 5000-6000 rpm it sometimes grinds. It doesn't pop out of gear, it still engages though. I don't think this is normal. Does anybody else have this problem ? Appreciate 0. inShare0. Wheelwright. View Public Profile · Find More Posts by Wheelwright
335i manual 2007 model i have had my 335 for about 7 months now an i have had a few problems so i thought id share them with you guys an maybe get an answer to wats been happening.. all was fine for the first coupe of months of buyin my 335, i had no problems until my 3rd month wen i noticed the
What do you folks think of the manual vs. automatic? I might not be used to the mt on the bmw but it felt a little rough. Rougher than my old GSR. The automatic was pretty smooth even during the gear change. I'm getting ready to buy a 335i and deciding which one to get!
5 Jan 2017 When I owned a 2009 BWW 335i a a year and a half ago, it didn't create any problems for me. However, I did only Because the transmission shifts quicker than what you can accomplish with a manual, there's no interruption in power delivery as you keep the go-fast pedal floored. It's incredibly smooth.
20 Jan 2015 So if you want to maintain your transmission you should read it even if you don't have any problem in your transmission right now. Credit In other words it is more like a manual transmission with torque converter working only at very low speeds and low rpm. Rear Differential Fluid Change E90/335i
gib4793 said: thanks smile how is the diesel version? mpg is attractive however I want a lovely loud growl when I put my foot down! Any problems with manual gearbox? Would pref over auto. No experience with the diesel I'm afraid, however my 335i has a manual gearbox. Like any manual, it can be a pain